ASTI: New teachers deserve better

ASTI: New teachers deserve better

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New teachers deserve better
The ASTI will ballot its members on industrial action, up to and including strike action, if the Department of Education and Skills fails to restore the common pay scale for all teachers by August 31, 2016. 
Teachers who entered the profession after 2010 are on different pay scales than their colleagues even though they have the same duties and responsibilities. 
Budget 2011 slashed new teachers’ pay by 10 per cent. In 2012, most pay allowances above the basic salary scale (e.g. allowance for obtaining a Master’s Degree) were abolished for those entering teaching (as well as for new beneficiaries). 
While the ASTI has made some progress in having these cuts restored, it still remains that new and recently qualified teachers are placed on inferior pay scales.  
Because many newly qualified teachers spend the first few years of their career in temporary and/ or part-time teaching positions, they exper...

2016-06-10 06:26:13

at last the forgotten generation of teachers is being identified and hopefully we can get our pay restored #fairness #equality

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